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Leshawn Collagen

Leshawn Recombinant Humanized Type I & III Collagen replenishes collagen and HAAM, repairs ECM structure and promotes ECM regeneration while increasing skin firmness and improving skin relaxation.

Leshawn Collagen
  • For dry, dull, slack and sensitive skin

  • Instant repair + powerful remodeling of the skin

  • Long-term anti-aging effect

Tightening & elastic
Replenish collagen and HAAM, repair ECM structure and promote ECM regeneration, increase skin firmness and improve skin relaxation

Repair barrier
Comprehensively improve the dermis environment, strengthen cell activity, enhance skin barrier, resist inflammation and sensitivity

Improve fine lines
Regenerate collagen and HAAM dual nutrition, immediate repair , long-term regeneration, remodeling, reconstruction of ECM ,

Skin toning
Enhance skin firmness and fineness, lighten skin tone, moisten firming

  • Pre-filled packaging - Easy to use

  • Pichia fermentation - Higher security

  • Instant repair + Powerful remodeling - long-term anti-aging

  • 70% type Ⅰ + 30% type Ⅲ - Golden Ratio

  • HAAM innovative formula - Strong activation and regeneration

  • Denaturation temperature above 72℃ - no cold chain required, can be stored at room temperature

rhCol Type I
& Type III
Recombinant type Ⅰcollagen(70%)
Recombinant type Ⅲ collagen(30%)
HAAMNon-crosslinked hyaluronic acid(2million downton) + complex amino acid 100mg
(L-Proline, L-Lysine, Glycine, L-leucine)

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