Laboratory Liposomal Technology

Unique, more effective drug/nutrient delivery system

Leshawn Liposomal technology uses liposomes as unique carriers that can get a wide variety of nutrients and drugs into the areas of the body that are otherwise not very effectively accessed by even IV administration. These substances can be enzymes, anti-cancer drugs and an array of vitamins such as vitamin C, vitamin D, B-vitamins, CoQ10 and many other nutritional supplements.

Leshawn Liposomal Technology achieve a very good bioavailability, making nutrients to become useful and bio-available, it is important that  nutrients reach where they are best utilized (whether intracellular, extracellular or both). And a Liposomal delivery system that can help reach the required substance into that desired cellular space or target molecular site without consuming too much of energy is considered the most effective system. And that’s what liposomes basically do.