About Leshawn

Our History

Leshawn’s history is filled with technical advancements and scientific breakthroughs, starting in the 1970’s.


Living Force National Medical Laboratory is founded by Daniel Kendrew, a famous Swiss bioscientist. Swiss medical technology is very developed, Switzerland is the first country in the world to study regenerative medicine and human recreation potential.


Extracted growth factors from the human placenta, increases the healing speed of the wound
Prof. Kendrew began researching in cell repair in the early 1970s by extracting advanced growth factors from placenta, which accelerated the regeneration of cells and increased the recovery speed of the wound by 28%.


Nanometer micromembrane penetration technology
Namometer perfusion improves the efficiency of drug penetration by 36%


Decoded extracellular matrix. Found the reason for cell decay and apoptosis


Successful simulated of biological artificial cell niche, contributing to the cell science


The Livingforce started the Leshawn laboratory, focused on Skin Rejuvenation.
Leshawn laboratory is providing formulas and solutions for the world’s top skincare and anti-aging centers.


Leshawn provides formulas and solutions for top skin care and anti-aging centers in more than 60 countries


Leshawn established with China medical leading brand Yihang Group, obtained CFDA Medical Device Certificate with quality GMP pharmaceutical standards.