About Leshawn

Science for skin rejuvenation

Youthful, glowing, illuminated, even-toned… whatever the preferred term, we’ve been focused on the science for skin rejuvenation for more than 40 years.

We provide the most innovative and safest formulas, the best ingredients, and experienced know-how to help clients creating and maintaining beautiful, healthy looking skin.

Innovative formulation

We create skin rejuvenation products customers love. Our multidisciplinary team of professionals that combines technical-pharmaceutical knowledge with the scientific-medical support to actively look for the latest active ingredients, changes in consumer preferences, new concepts, and appealing packaging to develop the best formulas for customers.

We are firmly dedicated and devoted to the pharmaceutical formulation of the classical laboratory and implements in developing exclusive and effective skin rejuvenation solutions.

  • Proven efficacy in in-vitro and in-vivo tests

  • Formulas tested under dermatological control

  • Concentrated solutions for visible results

  • Packaging that ensures the optimum dose with each application

International experience

Your get practical and professional formulas for the skin rejuvenation. Our teams give you the greatest support for your procedure and product marketing. You benefit from our expertise in pharmaceuticals, dermatology, aesthetics and our in-depth knowledge of European, Asian and Middle Eastern markets. We are always happy to help you.

Available in over 50 countries:
France, UK, United States, Canada, Australia, Russia, UAE, China

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